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24st Anniversary

We welcome you to a space where you will find various paths and possibilities for healing, growing, and personal expansion, as well as different pathways for training as a professional therapist.

The landscape of psychotherapy —the art of healing the soul— has become wider, more accessible, and more direct than ever since German therapist Bert Hellinger presented his findings on the subconscious dynamics of the soul within family systems and on the line-ups that allow for love, success, and prosperity to flow freely in the systems we integrate.

In our Centro de Estudios Sistémicos [Systemic Studies Center] (CES) you can receive training, education, and professional certification —as well as continuous updating of skills if you are a therapist already— in the field of Systemic Transgenerational Therapy. The training offered at CES will allow you to learn the fundamental knowledges and skills needed to begin your path as a private or group therapist within this field of psychotherapy. Our courses and diploma programs include not only theoretical and practical bases, but also a comprehensive approach to the trainee’s personal development.

On the other hand, Consultoría Luz Sistémica [Systemic Light Consultancy] (CLS) is a space for private therapeutic services. These are paths for inner healing, self-knowledge, and conflict resolution at the personal, couple, and family levels.

Also, through our courses and workshops you can delve in the field of the emotions in order to understand it better and acquire useful tools that will allow you to address relationships with a perspective that liberates from painful burdens and, at the same time, makes us stronger. Thus, we promote flowing in synch with the force of life in order to achieve your whole potential, or the whole potential of a family, organization, or company.

It is well known that our inner freedom and health depend, to a large extent, on the conscious links we establish with the broad network of human beings and events our soul is in an intimate connection with. By integrating and uniting that which was separated, we achieve wellness.

The set of educational instruments and therapeutic methodologies we offer at CES and CLS are at the service of human transformation and aim to facilitate paths for experiencing higher levels of success, developing our emotional intelligence, and achieving a higher degree of life-aligned spiritual freedom. In simple terms, we offer a service for life.

And we welcome you.

Edlín & Ángela