Hall rental

The facilities of the Instituto Luz sobre Luz are located in a historic property of the Countess in the style of the Porfiriato, which has been completely renovated. Originally built by order of the Swiss Government to serve as its diplomatic headquarters, the old property is located on Sinaloa street and has parking.

Ángeles Gómez (admoninstituto3@gmail.com), will answer your request to see the facilities by appointment, Monday through Friday, from 10:00 to 16:30 hours.

In addition to the Hall rental, we provide coffee and tea services in the intermissions, upon request.

Tel. (52) (55) 5211-33 46 y 5211-9051.

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For more information contact our office phones:

(+52) 55 5211 9051 (+52) 55 5211 3346

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