24st Anniversary

Family Constellations Training and Certification


Third generation

Saturday 28 y Sunday 29 of september

Tuesday August 27

This is a Certification aimed to people who want to bring into their lives a knowledge that promotes personal development through a new, inclusive, and broad awareness that puts in the foreground our bonds, shedding light into our own life story, relationships, and links. This expanded awareness considers love and the flow of love as an essential element for human wellbeing.

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Individual Therapy Certification

Centro de Estudios Sistémicos also offers other programs that are just as relevant for the professional development. One of them is the Diploma Program on “Individual Therapy” offered by Instituto Luz sobre Luz. This program deals with the fundamental aspects for individual, couple, or family attention as part of a private practice. This program comprises 6 thematic modules given on weekends.

Rituals & Life
Certification Program

Therapists trainers:
Edlín Ortiz Graham y María Ángela González O.

All psychotherapeutic approaches recognize the challenges entailed by transition moments in the human life cycle. This journey through border territories can be accompanied with ritual expressions that open, clarify, promote, and give power to the soul. The right ritual, or ceremony, can provide the healing, contention, and life strength the person needs in those moments —and, at times, also the persons who are part of their circle of affections.

In the understanding of the deep life signification and help they provide, INSTITUTO LUZ SOBRE LUZ opens the certification program “Rituals & Life” for all those health-and-aid therapists and professionals who wish to delve into and explore the possibilities of therapeutic rituals.

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What Are Family Constellations?

When we talk about “Family Constellations,” we are looking at a process of natural healing to awake to aspects of our lives and ourselves we were not aware of before. One of these elements is the bond we all have with all the members of our own family. We share with all of them an indivisible field, called by some the “family soul,” which contains, among other things, information on its wounds and fragility. Sometimes, these wounds come with a high dose of pain, shame, emotional paralysis, etc. This field of healing was open in Germany, not too long ago, by German philosopher and healer Bert Hellinger together with a group of collaborators. Through it, we become able to take a glance at very relevant contents related to ourselves and our loved ones. By facilitating a "family constellation work," we visualize a fruitful process of therapeutic intervention within the context of this specific field of healing, or "field of knowledge".

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