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The workshop-courses offered by our therapist-professors address subjects related to personal growth and a new understanding of our relationships.

This approach encompasses two angles: achieving a new knowledge and experiencing the transforming and direct life lesson provided by this practice. In each session, the facilitator guides the group through exercises aimed to experiencing this broad form of understanding.

Our therapist-professors have over 15 years of experience designing and providing workshop-courses (both in Mexico and abroad) directed to achieving personal growth and healthy and balanced interpersonal relationships. These courses are given on a regular basis in our Institution’s facilities and they have also been designed for and carried out in educational organizations, companies, NGOs, health-professionals associations, labor unions, religious institutions, and groups of officers in touch with the suffering and difficulties of the public.

You can reach out to us here in order to get more information on the dates and planning of our workshop-courses and to apply for dealing with the needs of the executives or collaborators in your association or company.

These are some of the subjects we have addressed:

  • A Stroll Through My Own Life: Self-Esteem Narratives & Images
  • Accepting the Gift of Happiness
  • Ancestors & Life
  • Balance within a Couple
  • Beyond Guilt
  • Bullying
  • Ceremony, International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women
  • Change: Growing Is My Destiny
  • Communicating & Listening Without Violence
  • Diploma Course on Love 101: Love as a Basic Principle of Life
  • Discovering & Recognizing Love in My Talents
  • Embracing Love
  • Emotions: Paths Towards Growth & Liberation
  • Family, Emotions, & the Couple
  • Fear
  • Feelings & Emotions
  • Female Empowering
  • Feminine Energy Ritual (with Male Assistance & Testimony)
  • Gathering Love
  • Gathering Strength from My Own Life Story
  • Getting in Synch to Flow with Life
  • Getting in Synch with Abundance
  • Getting in Synch with the Strength of Femineity
  • Group Vajravidarana Puja: Purification of Negative Karma
  • Healing Love, Sickening Love
  • Healing with the Strength of My Own Life Story
  • Help that Actually Helps: “Burn Out” Antidotes
  • I Want to Live Happily
  • Illness & Health
  • Letting Go in Order to Move Forward
  • Love as a Path Between What I Yearn & What I Am
  • Me & My Inner Struggles
  • My Child’s Anger
  • My Connection, My Strength
  • My Father & Myself
  • My Father: My Threshold into the World
  • My Inner Images: An Uninterrupted Movement towards Love?
  • My Mother, My Mirror
  • My Partner, My Mirror
  • My Path
  • My Relationship with Food
  • My Relationship with Money & Abundance
  • My Relationship with Money & Abundance (Part 2)
  • No Roots, No Wings
  • Non-Violent Communication
  • Paths of Love: Relationships & Bonds
  • Putting Love in Order
  • Renewal & Growth
  • Renewal, Freedom & Abundance
  • Renewing Love at Home
  • Securing the Balance Between Feminine & Masculine Energy
  • Sêma: Whirling Dervishes Ritual
  • Since Our Breakup Our Children Are Not Doing Well
  • Staring Until the Light Emerges: Systemic Explorations on Money & Abundance
  • Taking One Step Towards Mom
  • The Couple as a Path
  • The Couple: A Sacred Space
  • The Unconscious Dynamics of Anger
  • The Uninterrupted Movement Towards Love
  • The Unique Fortune of Adopted Children
  • Trauma as an Everyday Presence: Effective Resources for Controlling It and Helping Others
  • Trust or Jealousy
  • What Brings a Couple Together & What Splits It Up
  • Where Do I Live at? My Present or My Past?
  • Why Do I Feel Love Is Owed to Me or I Owe Love?
  • Why Do I Not Have a Partner?
  • Words The Wind Does Not Carry Away
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