Ángela González Oliveira

Ángela González Oliveira

A therapist within the Systemic & Transgenerational Approach of Family Constellations, she is based in Mexico since 1978. Within this field, she received her certification and therapist credentials at Centro Sistémico de Actualización y Extensión Universitaria of Grupo CUDEC, in Mexico; Hellinger Sciencia, in Germany; Centro Bert Hellinger, in Argentina; and Instituto de Estudios Transgeneracionales, in Mexico, among other institutions. Currently, she continues updating her knowledge in the various areas of the therapeutic universe founded by Bert Hellinger.

She is also a part of the faculty at the International Diploma Course: Family Constellations Training & Trainer of Trainers. Her professional education and experience include the field of Social Anthropology, which she studied at Escuela Nacional de Antropología e Historia (ENAH), in Mexico. Throughout the 1980s, she took part in numerous congresses and research projects, at ENAH, on the sacred worldview of indigenous communities, traditional paths for the healing of the spirit and the body, and the sacred and interlinked meaning of indigenous dance. In parallel to the study of the great sacred traditions, in the 1990s she worked for UNESCO in three projects of cultural promotion and promotion of peace and diversity in Ibero America.

In 2000, she became a founding member and director of Instituto Luz sobre Luz, A.C. and, that same year, she took part in the Círculo de Hacedores de Paz México [Peace-Makers Circle, Mexico].

After being trained as a “Non-Violent Communication” facilitator, she has offered over 50 intensive workshops in Mexico and Spain —as well as various courses and training-and-consultancy workshops— on peaceful conflict resolution for groups and public and private institutions. She has also offered counseling for couples and individuals interested in improving their communications and achieving a full and effective way to convey their emotions, yearnings, and needs.

Currently, she offers private consultations for individuals, families, and couples using the systemic and transgenerational approach. And, as a part of her practice, she facilitates Second Births, Family Constellations Workshops, and workshop-courses on various subjects related to solving dynamics and issues that stop or hinder health, fulfillment, love, and a sense of abundance in life.

Besides her training courses on “Non-Violent Communication,” she offers a wide range of workshop-courses for personal development and self-knowledge.

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