Edlín Ortiz Graham

Edlín Ortiz Graham

I was born in the City of Ponce, Puerto Rico, at the dawn of the 1960s era. I studied Clinical Psychology in the University of Puerto Rico at Rio Piedras, but during 17 years I devoted myself to work as a journalist and foreign correspondent in my country, at first, and then in New York, Miami, the Caribbean, Central America, and finally Mexico.

I came to Mexico from New York in 1987, to open the News Bureau for Univision, the USA-based Hispanic TV network. After that, I never left Mexico.

Ever since I was very young, I knew my call was ‘servicing or tending to the soul,’ as expressed in the term psychotherapy itself, but when I studied Psychology (1976-1980) it wasn’t clear for me how to go about it and what resources to use for achieving that purpose and offering a beneficial intervention, for truly helping people in their lives. That was the reason why I devoted myself for a long time to the arts of journalism. I didn’t feel ready to open an office of my own. In parallel to that, I devoted fully to tending to the needs of my own soul and providing the help it needed through the Sufi practice, and then by placing myself at the service of the Nur Ashki al Jerrahi Sufi Order, as a Minister. I still practice this dazzling spiritual path, even though after 40 years, I still consider myself barely a beginner in it.

In 2000, together with other path companions, I founded Instituto Luz sobre Luz, a project that began as a new space for studying the Unicity of Existence from the diversity of human sacred traditions. And even before that, in 1992, together with Rabbi Abraham Bartfeld and the Catholic nun Guadalupe García Angulo, I had the opportunity to participate in the foundation of the Interfaith Council of Mexico, [Consejo Interreligioso de México], the first one of its kind in Latin America, which produced the First Code of Ethics Among Religions in Latin America.

At the least expected moment for me, in my adult life, I encountered Bert Hellinger’s therapeutic vision and, eventually, that led to Consultoría Luz Sistémica, which was created to tend to the souls of all who come to us by offering a new therapeutic approach that covers a wide variety of the ailments and conflicts that afflict us as sons and daughters, as siblings, as members of an organizational system, and as human beings. Bert Hellinger was able to develop what he called “the science of human relationships,” showing us the enormous influence our bonds have over each and all of us —regardless of us being aware of it or not.

I delved fully in Hellinger’s vision and methodology after I saw that had I learned this healing tool in my college years I would have never worked as a journalist. This methodology broadened psychotherapy’s landscape and made it more sensitive. This is a vision in synch with the flow of life and it has the capacity of bringing together what was separated. We will never be able to thank enough such a powerful healing and growing tool. Right from the start, it came natural to me delving into it and experiencing my role as a therapist as a part of the various formations I had had until then. Thus, I had no more doubts —unexpectedly, the moment to practice my original call had come. Learning the Systemic & Transgenerational Therapy, and specifically the contributions Bert Hellinger offered to it, together with a Sufi practice of over 30 years, and 17 years of travelling and reporting about the world and its dramas were a good enough training. However, I still carry on studying and doing my research, learning new resources. I think this will carry on until I pass away, because we, human beings, are an infinite field of knowledge.

I thank Life for having been able to receive —and place at the service of the people who come to me for a consultation— Bert Hellinger’s training and professional education, as well as a certification as a Family Constellation Therapist approved by various domestic and international specialized institutions, such as Hellinger Sciencia, in Germany; Centro de Aprendizaje Sistémico Domus-CUDEC, in Mexico; as well as Instituto de Estudios Transgeneracionales, Instituto de Soluciones Sistémicas, and Centro Latinoamericano de Constelaciones Familiares y Soluciones Sistémicas, in Argentina. I have also taken part in Systemic & Transgenerational international seminars and workshops under Dra. Ürsula Franke, Bertold Ulsamer, Dr. Günter Weber, Dr. Stephan Haussner, Siglinde Schneider, and other professionals who have followed the path of systemic configurations as a solution for personal conflicts.

More recently, I became a part of the faculty at Domus CUDEC Extensión Universitaria, offering training in the Intensive International Diploma Program “New Advancements in Family Constellations” offered at Centro de Estudios Sistémicos, in Instituto Luz sobre Luz. This training is directed by Angélica Olvera, in Mexico, and Tiiu Bolzmann, in Argentina. I have also developed a series of intensive courses and workshops specially designed for various kinds of personal conflicts, such as “My Partner, My Mirror,” “The Unconscious Dynamics of Anger,” “The Help: Compassion Burnout Syndrome,” “Systemic Solutions for Attention Deficit Disorder,” “Group Workshop for Healing the Bond with Mom,” and “The Bond with Dad.” Naturally, a few days per week, I also offer private, couple, and family private sessions, as well as group or individual constellations (with figures), and counseling and training for personal development. However, we recently created at the Institute, as part of Consultoría Luz Sistémica, an area devoted to Organizational Services in order to offer a more direct benefit to more people in various social organizations. I find very useful for this project the Non-Violent Communication methodology I was trained in from 2001 to 2004 by Rita Herzog, from the Center of Non-Violent Communication (CNVC).

I am at your service.

24st Anniversary

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