Curso híbrido de Musicoterapia Sufí con el musicólogo turco Talha Koytak

Hybrid Sufi Music Therapy course with the Turkish musicologist Talha Koytak

Course designed for musicians interested in learning in person the characteristics of the musical system (called makam) on which Sufi Music Therapy is based and who want to obtain new useful resources for therapeutic contexts, resources typical of a tradition that has distinguished itself. for compassionate treatment of illnesses and mental disorders. We will address the valuable particularities that Sufi music therapy contributes to the treatment and monitoring of illnesses and to, in general, contribute to the feeling of well-being.

"Sufi music therapy" is a recent concept that encompasses various practices prior to the very concept of "music therapy". It is a tradition of more than ten centuries of using music as a therapeutic resource. Throughout that time, thinkers and theorists such as Al Farabi, Ibn Sina and Sefiyudin al Urmevi have written texts that analyze and account for the effects of certain musical scales on people. Also, since the end of the 20th century, this practice has been taken to the clinical and academic field, which has helped to obtain valuable information in clinical studies and in texts by people like Dr. Oruç Güvenç and Dr. Levent Öztürk. Thus, we will know historical aspects of practice and theory and we will address the current situation of this discipline.

In the course we will also learn three of the most used scales in Sufi music therapy and how to improvise with them (improvisation, as in many schools of music therapy, plays a fundamental role in this tradition).


Talha Koytak, Turkish musicologist and musician and Ahmed Yunue, teacher and director of Sufi Music Therapy


Two sessions of 3 hours each, on Tuesday 21 and Wednesday 22 February, from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.


$900.00 pesos

Face-to-face and Online.

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Talha Koytak

Talha Koytak

Ahmed Yunue

Ahmed Yunue

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