Rituals & Life
Certification Program

All psychotherapeutic approaches recognize the challenges entailed by transition moments in the human life cycle. This journey through border territories can be accompanied with ritual expressions that open, clarify, promote, and give power to the soul. The right ritual, or ceremony, can provide the healing, contention, and life strength the person needs in those moments —and, at times, also the persons who are part of their circle of affections.

In the understanding of the deep life signification and help they provide, INSTITUTO LUZ SOBRE LUZ opens the certification program “Rituals & Life” for all those health-and-aid therapists and professionals who wish to delve into and explore the possibilities of therapeutic rituals.

Our appearance in our mother’s womb directs us to the possibility of birth. To become parents is an important transition that requires to be glanced and supported from within and not to be an automatic act deprived of soul. And as we are born, ever since we take our first breath, we arrive fully in a brand-new world. Then, the intimate relationship with the mother blooms in an ever-growing recognition of a wide-ranging network of relationships and bonds. Our passage through childhood leads us into puberty. And thus, we pass from the necessary condition of dependence into which we appeared in life and we move towards autonomy, sexuality, love life, the awareness of the variation between health and illness, the changes in the development of our vocation, the appearance of new generational roles, saying goodbye to people we love, grief, and the recognition of death.

All human communities have produced rituals to accompany and support the passage through those borders, those moments in-between one stage of life and the next, in-between a social status and another, in-between one developmental condition and another. All these rituals are part of the magnificent human heritage we all share; they are a stream of health and clarity for our moments of transformation. Despite their value, it is common to see attempts to cast aside or discredit as primitive the profound wisdom of the processes of the soul and the psyche expressed in the rites of passage. This perhaps is an effect of an excessive attachment to rational knowledge, the accelerated advancement of sciences and technologies, and the prevalence of a way of life based on putting the individual in a central place and the pretention to try to control life. The consequence of it has been a fragmentary perception that seems to doom people to a state of isolation. However, the soul recognizes what it yearns for and tries to fulfill it. Living is an awesome journey through a series of linked transformations.

We are taken from one change to another and from one state to another; at times, we are aware of the processes we are passing through and some other times, often in the most relevant occasions, we are not able to encompass what life presents to us or demands from us as a next step. Come and discover with us this wide variety of rituals and ceremonies that heal, open paths, and strengthen the soul for life.


  • 10 AM to 2 PM (Mexico City)
  • 11 AM to 3 PM (Puerto Rico)
  • 11 AM to 3 PM (East Coast, USA)
  • 8 AM to 12 PM (West Coast, USA)
  • 5 PM to 9 PM (Spain)
  • 12 PM to 4 PM (Argentina)
  • 4 PM to 8 PM (London)


  • ENROLMENT: $1,500 MXN
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