Where do I live: in my present or in my past?

Where do I live: in my present or in my past?

As we stop and contemplate the inner realm, we may discover powerful and subtle currents that distract us from the present, either drawing us into the past or pulling us into the future. These currents are usually accompanied by phrases, thoughts and feelings -more or less intense- and acts that we could call "absent". It is an act that does not correspond to the present moment or to the richness of the circumstances.

Through 3 sessions, some issues that distance us from the present and promote actions that are not in tune with what we value will be reviewed. And we will also explore paths that draw our consciousness into the present and connect us with the fundamental force that is life.

  • 1st Session: The past that binds. A look that releases.
  • 2nd Session: The duels and losses that I keep.
  • 3rd Session: Strengthen the present.

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