Why do I feel that I am owed or owed love?

Why do I feel that I am owed or owed love?

The mysterious balance that love releases.

Do I give or take? Do I ask or do I demand? do I receive or reject? Do I act or envy? helped? do i love losing? Do I settle or accept the challenges? Do I resign or take responsibility? Do I embrace what life offers me? Do I see and value what I am and what I have? fear?

The love that travels through our bonds displays its greatness when we recognize the order that serves as its channel. Sometimes we assume that if things are not going well in our relationships or in the lives of those closest to us, it is because we do not love enough, but in reality, love only prospers when the limits and orders that life imposes are respected. We can use these principles to increase the kind of positive sharing that blossoms relationships with that quality of love that strengthens us, makes us happy, grateful, and fulfilled.

Session 1: What prevents me from loving myself?

Relationship with the origin, self-esteem, appreciation, humility and gratitude. How do I place myself in front of myself?

Session 2: How is the exchange in my relationships?

I prefer to give? I prefer to receive? Do I demand? Do I hate having debts in my relationship with people? How I develop in relationships: parents and children, partner, friendship and in the work and social environment.

Session 3: Advance in the positive exchange.

Recognize and recover the dynamic balance in relationships.

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