Among Women

Workshop Course "Among Women"

We often see that the feminine principle is relegated, that judgments are made about it and that they even want to confine it, thus denying its free expression. We see and experience the activity of this force on a daily basis and many times we see it act harshly —and even cruelly—, it is part of what is produced in the social fabric, and we can feel its reverberations in interpersonal relationships, intimacy and in the life of our most important bonds. This force that does not recognize value in the feminine acts not only in the world, but also sneaks into the inner kingdom of women themselves.

In female lineages there are usually many memories of exclusion and pain accompanying the roles transmitted through generations in a repetitive and consistent manner, however, an enormous strength and creative, resilient capacity also circulates in our female lineages, which they were able to preserve , magnify and illuminate the experience and value of the feminine principle.

In these deepening hours where we will be able to share our voice and listen to other women while we explore together some of the lessons that limit or detract from the feminine energy in us and can make us fear pain when approaching, to turn our gaze towards those who They drive life and experiences of plenitude.

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Teaching Therapist Ángela González Oliveira


Saturday May 13 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.


$750 Pesos / 40 Dollars / 38 Euros

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